Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ray Kroc: McDonald's Restaurant Builder by Joanne Matten

In 1955 America, and probably the world, was changed forever. On April 15th of that year Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. The menu was small....and CHEAP! For a dime you could enjoy an order of French fries or a soda. Want a hamburger? 15 cents! Packed with interesting facts about the fast food giant, this biography includes photographs, timelines, and a "menu milestone" section for additional information about changes specific to the menu. I am loving this series. This particular one focuses on Ray Kroc the founder of McDonald's. Great informational book about a topic all kids are familiar with.

Text: 5 Buckeye Leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye Leaves

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