Saturday, October 8, 2011

M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual) by Doreen Cronin

This one is dedicated to al the MOMS!! Written for children to read to help them understand their moms, though I do not think children (or DADS) can truly appreciate this book. Complete with a table of contents, diagrams, and safety alert symbols, this book is a guide to understanding MOM! Topics covered in this "manual" include: daily care and maintenance, grooming, and troubleshooting. So Moms....go to the library, check it out, take it home....wait till kids are in bed and send Dad to the store for milk.....and cozy up with this book! Enjoy a good laugh. THEN you can try it with your kids the next day!

Text: 4 Buckeye leaves - again very funny to me, as a Mom of 3 years, but not sure kids will truly get the humor! least not yet! Cranky Pants song is quite catchy....complete with warning for Dad's NOT to try singing it to Mom...only Kids!!
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye leaves - some are quite funny. Those I think anyone can appreciate! Hard to decide on my favorite - the 4 series illustrations of Mom trying to get something from the backseat (mainly this is because my constant trying to make Mr. 3 1/2 year old here understand I do not have super long arms to reach in the back seat on the OTHER side of his carseat...) OR the Cranky Pants song illustrations...

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