Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Little Bitty Bakery by Leslie Muir

"At the Little Bitty Bakery, the pastry chef was beat - from her powder-sugar nose to her flour-dusted feet."
And it is HER birthday! As she shuffled off to bed, so tired from the day, she is so very sad that noone celebrated. But while she drifted off to sleep, some tiny bakers arrived in the Little Bitty Bakery, and started prepping a special surprise. Before long a sound awakens her.
"She tiptoed down the staircase, as quiet as a cat - clutched a day-old stick of bread just like a baseball bat."
Much to the baker's surprise, she finds a yummy treat, a crumble jumble cake big enough to share with the mice bakers.
Cute book which may leave you wanting some yummy pastries.

Illustrations: 4 Buckeye leaves - I love the cover on this book! I think it is very inviting with the light coloring and yummy looking pastries....oh and the glitter helps too!

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