Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finn Throws A Fit by David Elliott

Not sure what I think about this one...maybe it will encourage kids to throw fits...ha ha! This one I would dedicate to parents that have kids....or have had toddlers (or teenagers) that have THROWN A FIT! Finn, the fit thrower, usually likes peaches BUT not today! Watch out! And Finn proceeds to throw a GIGANTIC fit (you better not be getting any ideas Adam James Alibek - my 3 1/2 year old). His fit goes to the nursery, the kitchen, and on and on. The tears flood the house. The screams cause an avalanche! This is NOT your average FIT. And then, like a horrendous stops. "It lasts until it doesn't." And then all calms down, dries up, stops shaking, and.....he likes peaches again. Hilarious but not really sure how I could use it educationally other than to say, DON'T DO THIS! The descriptions are very vivid and older children can probably relate because younger brothers or sisters have done the same...NOT them though....NOOOOO!!!

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