Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

This is a great FUN book! I don't recall seeing anything like this before. This would be one you might want to hold for 1st - 2nd graders. I read it with Adam (3 1/2) but I had to explain alot as I was afraid he might really believe some of what we were reading....though I was surprised that he picked up on alot! (He is gifted - tee - hee-hee! Teachers are allowed to say that about their own kids! It is in the handbook! :)

"Apples turn orange
Pumpkins turn red
Leaves float up into
blue skies overhead."

Hmmm....scratching your head wondering....yup! Go back to the title! Throughout the entire book you will encounter words and illustrations of the different "mix ups" in fall. It is really quite funny!

"Touchdowns are hit.
Home runs are kicked."

That one Adam got really quick :) Though some of the mix ups are not as obvious so they lend to some great discussions and research. A wonderful, interactive book for fall.

Illustrations: 5 Buckeye leaves
Text: 5 Buckeye leaves

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