Tuesday, September 27, 2011

There Was An Odd Princess Who Swallowed A Pea by Jennifer Ward

I should be doing sub plans BUT...

So predictable....Maybe a little BUT kids LOVE books like this (as do I) where they can enjoy a new adaptation on a popular oldie but goodie. This book also capitalizes on the very popular "princess" theme that many young girls are currently loving right now...trust me I am around elementary kids all day! This ODD princess starts off swallowing a pea and from there ends up eating a long list of other princess-related items such as: a slipper, crown, rose, wand, witch, etc. Kids will love this book, yes, even the boys :)

Text: 4 Buckeye Leaves
Illustrations: 4 Buckeye Leaves
*Jennifer Ward has also written other books including THERE WAS AN OLD MONKEY WHO SWALLOWED A FROG and THERE WAS A COYOTE WHO SWALLOWED A FLEA both of which are very popular in our library.

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