Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birdie Books by Sujean Rim

I had not heard about these books until a parent donated one to one of my schools. Another perfect books for little girls!

In the first Birdie book, Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes, Birdie is wishing and hoping to get to wear her mother's fancy high heeled shoes. She loves the many different kinds of heeled shoes her mother has and imagines herself wearing the shoes. Finally after much begging her mother allows her to try her does on. It does not take long for Birdie to realize the heeled shoes are not nearly as fun as she thought they would be and actually hinder many of her daily "kid" activities. So Birdie decides on a new kind of footwear: her barefeet!

The newer Birdie book, Birdie's Big Girl Dress, Birdie is preparing for her birthday. She is very excited to dress up until she tries on her favorite party dress and realizes it is too small! Now what will she wear? Her mother takes her shopping but nothing seems to be the perfect dress for Birdie. Very disappointed, Birdie decides to try one last effort to find the perfect dress by going to the attic at home. In the attic she finds the perfect party dress by taking different things that belonged to her grandparents.

Both books are very cute for the little girl readers (though I read them twice to the 3 year old boy here before he decided they were "girl" books!). Very simple text, very simple pictures.

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