Friday, September 23, 2011

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? The Story of Food by Chris Butterworth

A child sits down for lunch, opens the lunch box and....TA DA! How did all that food get in there? Here are the answers. From the bread and cheese that makes up the sandwich the the chocolate chip cookie, Each pages takes the reader through the steps from planting to packaging of each item as well as a food
"Last spring, your carrots were growing in a field on a vegetable farm. You wouldn't have seen any carrots then, just long rows of feathery leaves."

Very informative, for both adults and children, with great detailed illustrations. A great addition to a classroom studying nutrition or business/assembly line/business.

Text: 5 Buckeye Leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye Leaves
Endpages: 5 Buckeye leaves

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