Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith

Grandpa Green's great grandson takes a trip through a garden, full of memories, created by Grandpa Green. As he travels through the garden, he is also collecting Grandpa Green's things he left behind: glasses, watering can, lunch box, gloves, etc.

"After high school his wish was to study horticulture, but he went to war instead. He met his future wife in a little cafe. When the war was over, they were married."

A book that truly needs to be read more than once and as one site argued: Is it a book for children or a book for adults to read to children? The text and illustrations have layers to them, layers that I doubt even having read twice I have seen them all. I would love to see how a class of elementary students would respond to this book. Having read last year's Caldecott book, A Sick Day for Amos McGee with students from 1st grade thru 5th, one major complaint was the lack of color. I wonder if they would notice the same thing in this book! Oh an one more article I was reading was discussing that this book might be under consideration for that BIG picture book award in January.....just saying!

Click here to see the youtube trailer for this book!

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