Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm Not Ready! by Jonathon Allen

It is the first day of preschool and Baby Owl is....."NOT READY!"

Mom Owl is trying to get Baby Owl to his first day of preschool but Baby Owl has to....pick up toys, brush his feathers, look for his backpack, and on and on. Each time Baby Owl says, "I'm not ready!" Finally Mom Owl convinces Baby Owl to go to school where he sees all his friends, Little Rabbit, Baby Badger, as well as others. Now Baby Owl can't wait to go be with his friends.

And of course at the end of the day when Dad Owl shows up to take him home, Baby Owl says......

Text: 4 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye leaves (Baby Owl is super cute!!)
Endpages: 5 Buckeye leaves

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