Saturday, December 3, 2011

When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho! by Laura Rader

Christmas is just a few days away and the North Pole is a busy place with final preparations being made for the big day. Oh no...there is a problem!! Santa has lost his HO HO HO!!! Everyone is eager to help but even the funniest jokes, pies in the face, reindeer kick line, and cocoa do not work to bring back Santa's HO HO HO!! Soon news spreads throughout the world (as is often the case with the media) and ever one is quite concerned. Letters start pouring in from people all over the globe trying to bring back Santa's HO HO HO. Mrs. Claus and the elves find one that they all agree will do the trick....will it work? I thought this was a cute, fun book. Adam and I really enjoyed it BUT....on the back end page there is a picture of the drawing that apparently brought back Santa's HO HO HO.....and the first thing Adam said was, "That is scary not funny." And honestly, I agree with him. I really wish the picture was is not. WHY?? I would love to hear other kid's reaction to "Holly's picture" because my kid does not honestly scare real easily.....BUT other than that....ADORABLE and FUN book!!

Text: 5 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye Leaves
Front Endpages: 5 Buckeye Leaves - LOVE!!.....
Back endpages: 1 Buckeye leaves

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