Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pip & Squeak by Ian Schoenherr

Pip and Squeak (2 mice) are headed to celebrate Gus's birthday day! Of course it is snowing so they will need a "sled", also known as an envelope. They are well on their way when they realize they forgot the "gift", also known as cheese! Rather than going home they decide to look along the way. Finally they come upon a snowman with an orange nose....cheese? They finally arrive at Gus's party but will he like the "cheese"? First look at this book may lead one to think this is a book for the very young - the text is short and simple. However the shortness of the text requires lots of "filling in" by the reader. Adam and I had a great laugh at the end of the story as well - Gus very much likes his "cheese".....because he is a rabbit!! Illustrations are super cute!!

Text: 4 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye leaves (Adorable)

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Peaceful Reader said...

I have this cute book pulled to read to classes this week. I wish another Pip and Squeak would be published!

I agree, the illustrations are wonderful-very bold and easy for kids to understand.