Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jeanette Claus Saves Christmas by Douglas Rees

Apparently Santa has a daughter named Jeanette....who knew!?!? But thank goodness he does because on Christmas Eve Santa comes down with a nasty cold and Jeanette must step in to drive the sleigh and deliver toys. Of course Santa is very worried, especially since those reindeer of his can some times be a little difficult to deal with, especially Dasher. Jeanette is up to the challenge and takes off with the reluctant reindeer. Jeanette is feeling pretty good and thinking her job may be finished early when the pin connecting the harness to the sleigh fell out and the reindeer take off, leaving Jeanette stranded. Jeanette does not know what to do. Luckily she soon makes some new friends, animal friends, and is able to return to the North Pole. Santa is quite happy with her performance as well as the new friends she brought home. A new spin on Christmas. Not sure how some reindeer fans may take the reindeer not being so easy to get along with. The illustrations are very cute, bright and cheery. Warning: There is a word on my list of words not approved to be spoken by the younger crowd in our house used in the book - "stupid" - so be forewarned.

Text: 3 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations: 4 Buckeye leaves

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