Saturday, December 3, 2011

Merry Christmas, Curious George

George and the man with the yellow hat are at a Christmas tree farm picking out a Christmas tree. George can not seem to decide which tree he likes the best and swings from one tree to the next. He decides to climb the tallest one and before he knows it, the tree is being cut down and taken away in a big truck. George soon realizes he is at a children's hospital. In true Curious George fashion, George goes "exploring" and leaves no part of the hospital untouched. When George comes upon "his" tree, he decides to decorate it. A nurse discovers George's "creativity" and is not too pleased with the final product. The children in the hospital are able to convince the nurse to allow George to stay, and decorate the tree again, with real Christmas tree decorations. Fans of Curious George will enjoy this fun Christmas adventure with George.

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