Friday, December 9, 2011

Sana's Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene

I had great intentions BUT a 3 1/2 year old that continues to fight going to sleep and a little thing call Pinterest has gotten in the way of my good intentions to blog more this week. BUT this book I actually found off a website that I came across thanks to Pinterest. Unfortunately now I can't find the link to the activity for this book. As you might guess from the title, Santa is out doing this job one Christmas Eve, doing as he always does, when he gets stuck in the chimney. The family dog comes to help him but he is not successful. Next the cat and her kittens try to help out. Soon the mouse joins the task and of course POP out comes Santa. The book is older but I think kids will enjoy it for the rhyming as well as the funny content with matching illustrations!

Illustrations: 3 Buckeye leaves
Text: 4 Buckeye leaves

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