Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orange Peel's Pocket by Rose Lewis

Orange Peel, nicknamed such by her parents because she use to try to eat the peels when she was little, is asked by classmates questions about where she was born, China, and is upset she can not provide the answers. That afternoon after c;ass she sets out to talk to neighbors that know more about China than her. Orange Peel visits Mr. Fan at his tailor shop, Ma Sang, the poet, Mrs. Liu's flower shop, Mr. Yu's noodle shop, and finally Jasmine at the ice cream store. Each person not only gives Orange Peel knowledge about her birth country but also a little gift in her pocket to show her class. The next day Orange Peel enters school with her items, knowledge, and a bit more confidence than before! As a big, HUGE, fan of Lewis' book I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (Yes, now I can ALMOST get through it without crying....almost), I was very excited to see a new book from her about adoption. Although the book does not focus on adoption (which I love), it does point out one of the challenges as children get older. I have researched both China and Kazakhstan for my kiddos, though China is MUCH easier to find information on! Living in Kazakhstan for almost 5 weeks I am hoping we can pass along the information we learned about the every day life to Adam. Thank you Rose Lewis for adding another book to our wish list for our house and one that every cross cultural adoption house should add to their home libraries!

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Rose lewis said...

Thank you Buckeye Bookworm, I really appreciate your thoughts about Orange Peel's Pocket. Orange Peel's Pocket was recently chosen for One Picture Book, One Community by the Florida Center for Literary Arts so a lot of children will now have the opportunity to read the book. I will be talking more about Orange Peel and my other books, including I Love You Like Crazy Cakes, at the Miami Book Fair International the weekend of November 18-20. If anyone is from Miami, or heading there for a little sun, please come by, I would love to see you.