Friday, July 8, 2011

Are You A Horse? by Andy Rash

For his birthday Roy gets a great big present from his friends. It is a saddle with directions: 1. Find a horse 2. Enjoy the ride. Problem is Roy does not know what a horse IS! As he encounters many non-horse things along the way (wagon, cactus, snake, crab, etc) he gathers clues to make the hunt for the horse easier. He finally finds a horse, with a surprising ending. We have really enjoyed this book at our house. I love that each item Roy encounters gives clues describing the horse. This could translate nicely into a guessing game with students. And of course the ending is funny, and I was surprised that the 3 year old here actually "got it" as I thought I would have to explain it to him, but he burst out laughing and actually explained it to me! Great fun read!!

Text: 4 Buckeye Leaves
Illustrations: 4 Buckeye Leaves
Endpages: 4 Buckeye Leaves

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