Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Bananas by Elizabeth Laird

One day Beatrice sets off to see her granddad with a present in hand, a bunch of bananas. Along the way she meets a giraffe who flicks his tail and send the bananas flying into a stream. Feeling badly about the lost bananas, giraffe picks some flowers and gives them to Beatrice. Beatrice continues on her way and soon a swarm of bees settles on the flowers. In an effort to get the bees away, Beatrice's flowers are ruined. The bees, feeling badly, wrap up a piece of honeycomb and gives it to Beatirce. The story continues on this way, Beatrice encountering numerous animals along the way, getting replacement gifts for Granddad. I really enjoyed this book, which would make a great sequencing or cause and effect lesson.

text: 4 buckeye Leaves - cute, easy to read
illustrations:5 Buckeye leaves - illustrator Liz Pichon, same as the previous post, I love her artwork!
endpages: 4 Buckeye leaves - bananas, of course!

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