Sunday, July 1, 2012

Too Much Noise in the Library by Susan Margaret Chapman

Mrs. Reade, a busy school librarian, is use to the noises in the library:  the books dropping, pages turning, teachers chattering, students giggling, etc.  One day the mayor decides to stop by the school library.  He does not like all the noise and sets out to eliminate all the extra noise, one noise at a time.  He is finally able to create a quiet, peaceful library....too quiet.  Mrs. Reade is in shock!  The mayor soon realizes the error of his ways and invites the children and teachers back to the library, allows the books to be checked out again, etc.  Cute book for beginning of the year (at least that is when I will probably be using it).

Text:  4 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  4 Buckeye leaves

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