Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet by Kelly DiPucchio

Gilbert wants a pet. Gilbert is a goldfish! One day a dog shows up and Gilbert is ecstatic. But his enthusiasm quickly learns he does NOT want a dog with its barking, barking, and MORE barking!l Next a small gray mouse appears which Gilbert is very excited because it is quiet. Pets continue to show up and with each pet, Gilbert finds a reason that each will not work as his pet. Gilbert has pretty much given up on the idea of having a pet when a new appears with a long tail and whiskers. Will this pet be the one for Gilbert? I love this book. The illustrations and text match perfectly to create a happy and fun book! I plan to ad this to me our pet unit this fall!

Text: 5 Buckeye Leaves
Illustrations: 5 Buckeye leaves
Endpages: 4 Buckeye leaves

Cute video trailer on Amazon!

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