Monday, February 23, 2015

The Story Starts Here! by Caroline Merola

Little Wolf is changing things a little today.  He begins by having his story start at the end of the book.  Why?  Because he wants to!  Next he has decided he will eat standing up AND begin with desert.  Little Wolf's actions continue much the same way until his parents send him to his room.  There he decides he is not sticking around and sneaks out the window.  However Little Wolf gets more than he bargained for when a scary "monster" begins chasing him.  The topsy-turvy day may be more than Little Wolf bargained for.  The unusual way this book is read will be enjoyable for older students, and hopefully not confusing for the younger students.  The text told through speech bubbles also opens up the possibility for a fun buddy reading activity.

Text:  4 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  4 Buckeye leaves

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