Friday, February 27, 2015

Maddi's Fridge by Lois Brandt

Sofia and Maddie love to go to the park and race and climb until "the taxis stop honking."  But one day after playing Sofia runs to Maddie's house hoping for a snack and instead gets big surprise when she finds nothing but milk in the fridge.  Maddie explains that they do not have enough money to buy more food.  Sophie being a good friend decides she will try to help Maddie and her family.  She does not want to break her promise to her friend and decides she will not tell her mom.  But when Sofia's attempts to help Maddie's family ends badly, she must make a big decision and hope her friend understands her decision.  A great introduction for students to learn about hunger and the world around them in a gentle story told very appropriately for younger audience.

Text:  5 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  5 Buckeye leaves - I LOVE the illustrations in this book!!  AND the endpages are amazing!!!  I am anxious to see other books from this illustrator.

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