Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ben Rides On by Matt Davies

Ben loves his new bike.  He loves to take the long way to school just so he can enjoy it more.  What Ben does NOT like is arriving at school and coming face to face with Adrian Underbite, "...perhaps the world's largest third-grader."  On this particular day Adrian has decided to take Ben's bike.  Ben is devestated.  As he makes the long walk home he is very upset and thinks of nothing except his bike.  On the way he comes across his bike....and finds Adrian HANGING in a rather unforunate situation.  A great book for tackling the somewhat difficult topic of bullying.  Students will relate to Ben's excitement of getting a new bike as well as the disappointment of that bike being stolen and ruined.  Great for discussing decisions and doing the right thing, even when sometimes you do not really want to.  This one is being added to the "must purchase list" at all 3 of my schools!   

Text:  5 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  5 Buckeye leaves

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