Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bully by Patricia Polacco

Lyla is very nervous and a little homesick when she starts the first day at her new school.  However she quickly meets another new student, a boy named Jamie and they become fast friends.  Together they navigate the first few weeks of school.  Layla decides to try out for cheerleading and is very excited to make the squad.  Her brother and her work together to convince their parents to get them cell phones and a laptop to "stay connect" and fit in.  Soon Layla is hanging out with the "cool girls" and being invited to get togethers after school.  However Layla is not crazy about how her new friends treat some of the others, especially on Facebook and decides to distance herself from them.  Then their is a big test scandal that results in the Layla being accused of stealing a test and cheating.  Layla knows she did not cheat and she knows somehow Gage, one of the "cool kids" is behind the scandal but how can she prove it?  What Layla does not know is that there is one person that SAW the test being stolen...
A great book for middle school and high school students that opens itself to discussion about cheating in the new digital age.

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