Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Little Pea by Eric Battut

Peas generally look alike.  The tend to be the same size and color.  One little pea though does not like being the same as all the other peas.  When the little pea notices a peacock with a beautiful tail, it decides it will attach a feather with string and will be handsome as well.  Then the little pea notices the stripes on a tiger and the trunk on an elephant and wants to have these attributes as well.  The little pea is laughed at by the other peas but does not seem to care.  When the planting season arrives, little pea digs into the ground and waits.  When the new plant finally emerges, it is full of happy and different kinds of peas.  A good addition to any discussion about differences and celebrating being an individual.  Simple enough storyline that even the youngest child will understand but will extend itself to older students as well.

Text:  4 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  3 Buckeye leaves

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