Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's My Room by Robert Munsch

I am trying hard to catch up on the new books I have read....and not doing such a good job. A few second grade classes at school study Robert Munsch so in an effort to prep for their classes tomorrow, I am writing this up. I will admit that I am maybe not the biggest Munsch fan....mainly because I do not always "get it". This one took me a couple times to really appreciate. I am anxious to see what the kid's think.

Matthew is very excited when his mom announces that they will be moving to a new trailer. He is even more excited to hear he will not have to share his room. Of course it is not long before various relatives and/or their pets arrive and Matthew is forced to share his room. Matthew has reached his limit. He knows he must come up with a plan....a lasting plan....that will make a big impact. Though he still has to share his room, it is not with relatives or their pets.

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