Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of Miss Chew by Patricca Polacco

For any teacher that has ever felt undervalued....add this Polacco book (along with quite a few of her others) to the list to boost your morale and to remind you of your POWER!  This book again looks at another, actually two, powerful teachers in "Trisha's" life.  Trisha has begun another new school year and loves her teacher, Mr. Donovan.  He soon recognizes Trisha's struggles and tries to help her by allowing her to have extra time when completing work.  He also soon recognizes her talent in art and sets her up with a special art teacher, Miss Chew, at the high school.  Miss Chew works with Trisha and her art ability grows.  But one day Mr. Donovan receives horrible news that his father in Ireland has passed away.  Mr. Donovan leaves for Ireland and the new substitute is not as understanding or supportive as Mr. Donovan.  She believes Trisha is wasting her time taking art classes with Miss Chew.  Believing in Trisha's talent, Miss Chew works to save her prized student from being taken out of art classes.  Another inspirational book from Polacco - for students as well as teachers. 

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