Thursday, November 10, 2011

Easy Food Nonfiction! by Catherine Ipcizade

Been slacking a little this week....big election this week....that did not go entirely our way. Very discouraging BUT back to the books....
Found a nonfiction series that I can see kids really cream? Pizza? Hot dogs? We got them all! (There is also a mac and cheese one but have not been able to get that from library!) Great illustrations, large print, lower reading level. I am always looking for good nonfiction to share with the 3.5 kid here and the younger kids at school!

"Each American eats enough ice cream to fill 96 cones a year." That is alot of ice cream!
Filled with easy to read and understand facts about ice cream: when it first arrive in the US, when a sundae was introduced, etc.

"Enough hot dogs are sold each year to feed each American 60 of them!" Everything you want to know about hot dogs and more!

Great informational nonfiction book about....PIZZA! Yum!

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