Monday, July 28, 2014

A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker

Bear and Mouse are back and this time Mouse is trying to convince Bear to go to the library with him.  Bear does not see any reason why he should go to the library.  Bear has seven very nice books at his house:  three about kings and queens, three about honeybees, and one about pickles.  He does NOT need to go to the library.  Bear is quite overwhelmed when they arrive at the library.  Mouse tries to show Bear some possible books, all of which Bear declines.  But Bear overhears the librarian reading a book during story time and something very unexpected happens.  A new -  MUST BUY - for every library.  Great introduction to the library and all it has to offer for anyone, even those that like pickles.

Text:  5 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  5 Buckeye leaves

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