Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Going Place by Peter and Paul Reynolds

He has waited ALL year and now the day has arrived!  Rafael will FINALLY get his go-cat kit so he can begin building for the big race!  Rafael is very careful as he follows the directions.  He is quite proud to finally finish his go-cart and see that it looks EXACTLY like it should according to the instructions.  He decides to check on his neighbor's progress.  He find Maya sitting watching a bird.  When he checks on her the next morning he finds she has created a rather unusual "go-cart" and attempts to explain to Maya that she did NOT follow the directions.  Maya has an interesting, a different way of looking at the "go-cart" instructions.  The two team up together to create a "go-cart" like no other.  This is an wonderful story about looking at things from a different point of view, seeing things differently and breaking away from the "expected" course of action.  The imagination of Maya and Rafael challenges us all to see things a little differently.  Love it!!

…AND not that I am in ANY way trying to wish away the summer, this would be a great beginning of the school year book for kids!

Text:  5 Buckeye leaves
Illustrations:  5 Buckeye leaves

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